Alexander Technique of Austin is a dynamic  practice dedicated to teaching the methods developed by F.M. Alexander.

We are committed to Alexander's ideal that good Self-Use is paramount to both personal health and creative expression. For us, good Use is a prerequisite to successful living.

Good Use can be defined as having the ability to make conscious choices in life rather than being subject to the insidious force of habit. Often, as we go through life, our habits become so familiar that we begin to think of them as "natural" rather than seeing them as the "normal" choices we make. Learning to replace habit with conscious choice opens us up to the possibility of making vast improvements in the way we experience the world, and how we activate our lives within it. Alexander students report improvements in health, posture, movement and overall sense of well-being and self-empowerment.

Good Use improves fitness, and makes exercise safer. Good Use allows the body to find release from tension without the collapse that so often accompanies attempts at relaxation. Furthermore, the Alexander Technique is a joy filled learning process that is full of surprises and discoveries.


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